Zuchu Age, Family, Net Worth, Biography, EP, Top Songs, Relationship & More
Zuchu Songs, Family, Age, Net Worth, Biography, EP, Top Songs, Relationship & More

Zuchu Age, Family, Net Worth, Biography, EP, Top Songs, Relationship & More

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Everything you want to know about Zuchu Songs, Family, Age, Net Worth, Biography, EP, Top Songs, Relationship & More
Zuchu Songs, Family, Age, Net Worth, Biography, EP, Top Songs, Relationship & More

In this post, we bring you the juice on WCB Wasafi artiste Zuchu – the core of what you have always wanted to know about her, from her family to her music career.

It’s an immersive read. Come on.

Zuchu Biography

How much do you know about WCB Wasafi’s new signee Zuchu? In this article you you’ll get to know a lot about her. Zuchu Biography. More…

Zuchu the Singer: Who is She?

“Who is Zuchu“? This is one question fans have thrown at us again and again. The question is equally out there, begging for an answer. Zuchu is the latest artiste signed to Diamond Platnumz‘s record label, WCB Wasafi.

Also, she is the sixth artiste currently on the label. She joins the likes of Lava Lava, Mbosso, Rayvanny, label boss Diamond Platnumz and his sister Queen Darleen.

Zuchu Family

Zuchu is the daughter of Khadija Kopa, the undisputed queen of taarab. Taarab is a genre of popular music with roots in Tanzania and Kenya.

By the way, Khadija Kopa and Diamond Platnumz had back in 2015 collaborated on a song titled “Nasema Nawe.”

Diamond Platnumz Ft. Khadija Kopa – Nasema Nawe Lyrics

Aah, Kutwa viguru njiani majirani wote wamekuchoka
Mara chumba cha fulani mtu gani we kwako usoka
Washinda vibarazani ya wenzako kuropokaaa
Kwa kuwa umemuona Fulani ona usoo ulivyokukoboka
Sio mwisho vibaoni adi kwenye vigodoroo
Usio na haya usoni kote wazua migogoro
Ivi wewe haujioni kuwa unakasoro
Uso mchana jioni si wajuz si tomorrow
Sio mwisho vibaoni kwenye vigodoroo
Usio na haya usoni kote wazua migogoro
Hivi wewe haujioni kuwa unakasoro
Uso mchana jioni si wajuz si aaaah!
Nasema naweee x3
Uso haya nasema nawe
Umezoea (nasema nawe)
Chezea chezea (nasema nawe)
Aaah!! Umezidi (nasema nawe)
Zidi (nasema nawe)
Zidi (nasema nawe)
Mmmmmhhh, mmmh
Aahh!! Zingifuli zingifuli zinga mahala ukakaa
Usoo mila desituri usiyejua tongozwa ukakataa
Usio hiana fedhuri uongo umekuja
Kujifanya mashuhuri kumbe chaka umechakaa
Aagah!! Mwanzako mim turufu si garasa
Mwenye nyota ya umaarufu si kupapasa
Tena jokali la nguvu makarata
Lile hodari maguvu si kwasakwasa
Ooohh!!! Mwenzako mimi turufu si garasa
Mwenye nyota ya umaarufu sio hozakosa
Nasema naweee x3 (nawe nawe oh)
Uso haya nasema naweee
Nasema naweee x 3(nawew oh)
Nimechoka nasema nawee
Umezoea (nasema naweee)
Chezea chezea (nasema nawee)
Aaah!! Umezidi (nasema naweee)
Zidi (nasema naweeee)
Uso haya nasema naweee
Oooohhh!!! (nasema naweee)
Nasema nawee x 3 (nawew oh)
Nimechoka nasema nawee...

Being from a stock of fine musicians, Zuchu’s decision to take up music surprised no one. It may be said at this point she is already making a success of her initiative. Her name and her music are resonating across East Africa.

Zuchu Age

Zuchu is young on the music scene and equally young in age. But there’s no doubting her musical appeal. Zuchu is said to have been born in the ’90s (specifically on October 22).

Her exact age she is at the moment keeping close her chest. No big deal.

Zuchu Music Career

Many are of the view that Zuchu’s music career began with her introduction by Diamond Platnumz and the release a day after of her debut single, the Lizer Classic-produced “Wana,” as well as “Wana” video. This isn’t correct.

Zuchu’s music career began as far back as 2015 on the circuit of Tecno Take on the Stage in Lagos, Nigeria, where she competed with “Na Nusu” singer Nandy and Sapera, the eventual winner.

Also, in the intervening months following her Tecno Take on the Stage adventure in Lagos, she had released covers of songs of artistes, including covers of Mbosso‘s “Nadekezwa” and “Maajab.”


Zuchu EP

At the moment Zuchu has only one EP (extended play), the 7-track “I AM Zuchu EP.” The body of work is a pop beauty and is so titled because it introduces the listening public to disparate shots of her artistry.

The tracks in Zuchu’s “I Am Zuchu” EP are as follows:

  1. Hakuna Kulala
  2. Nisamehe
  3. Kwaru
  4. Wana
  5. Raha
  6. Ashua (Ft. Mbossso)
  7. Mauzauza (Ft. Khadija Kopa)

Zuchu Top Songs

Zuchu’s songs are pretty few at this point. In that few, nevertheless, one can pick some glittering numbers that will still resonate with the public years from now.

We count the following among Zuchu’s top songs:

  1. Wana (a song of turgid emotional energy and her debut at WCB Wasafi)
  2. Kwaru
  3. Ashua (Ft. Mbosso). This collaboration is of vital importance to Zuchu in that Mbosso has been a fervid supporter of hers, offering her his YouTube channel, which has a massive following, to share her covers. 
  4. Hakuna Kulala
  5. Mauzauza (Ft. Khadija Kopa). This daughter and mother collaboration is nothing short of intriguing. You wouldn’t regret electing to listen to it.

Zuchu Relationship

If Zuchu is in a relationship, she has been pretty discreet about it. Her private life remains private. She isn’t keen it should be fodder for the ravenous maws of the public. Can you blame her?

One thing is clear, though: In the coming months, the public will know a thing or two about her relationship. In the interim, fans can only vibe with her songs.

Zuchu Net Worth

Privation is not a badge of WCB Wasafi and the artistes signed to the record label. Zuchu is a fairly comfortable.

Although open performance been banned in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Zuchu’s streaming numbers are climbing. She will therefore still make money from digital versions of her work.

Zuchu Wikipedia

Zuchu doesn’t have a Wikipedia profile yet. But then she is expected to have one as her musical profile ascends. Given the progress she’s made so far, which is remarkable, expect Zuchu Wikipedia profile any moment.  

Zuchu in the Next Five Years

Diamond Platnumz’s musical appeal and influence rubs off magically on whoever comes under his tutelages or becomes his protégé. The evidence is apparent before whoever cares to see.

You may want to look, for example, at the music careers of Mbosso, Rayvanny, Lava Lava and Queen Darleen. Every one of them is now a robust voice in Tanzanian music and a hit with the public.

In fact this collective drops hits back to back. Right now, it is incontrovertible that some of the most visible artistes in Tanzanian music are signed to WCB Wasafi.

Zuchu joins Diamond Platnumz's WCB Wasafi
Zuchu joins Diamond Platnumz’s WCB Wasafi

Zuchu has found a place in this collective and we see her reaching her potentials as an artiste in the coming years.

Watch out for Zuchu.

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